About us

The Pool Tree is an Australian owned business. Katie Jackson Park, former Breakfast Radio and TV Producer, is the founder. Her husband Paul Jackson Park is a Radio Music and Programming consultant. He is the Director and Business Officer for the Pool Tree. They have a blended family of seven children... so be well assured, the Pool Tree has been very much so tried and tested! The Pool Tree idea came to Katie after summer's spent moving towels off the fence to see the kids in the pool better and nagging everyone to pick up their wet towels and swimwear off bedroom floors, back of doors, dripping in bathrooms and dumped on furniture and well... basically everywhere! After 2 years of hard work perfecting the design, material and functionality... The Pool Tree is here, giving you back your Safe Stress Free Summer! Click the link on the bottom of the homepage to join the Pool Tree Family 'Life's Hot Tips' newsletter email list and follow us via our Instagram, TikTok and FaceBook @thepooltree.
Pool Tree Design

The pool tree was designed to create organisation, safety and to keep your house and pool area looking less like chaos and more on-trend. This meant the design of the pool tree had to be attractive with a fun personality, highly functional, safe and durable. 

The sleek shape of the leaves is the perfect width and bend to allow pool accessories to be effortlessly hooked over in one motion and the broadness of each leaf allows items to be spread out for quick drying.

The three tiers enables all ages to use it!
(No excuses to leave wet stuff anywhere for anyone!)

The base is designed to be filled with water for extra sturdiness and also has wheels for easy manoeuvring.

The fun and relaxed palm tree topper gives it a personality spark of summer fun. The low sheen pure white colour oozes breezy vogue tropical feel and will suit any outdoor space, whether it be residential or commercial.

The pool tree can be ordered in Bulk at a reduced price and colours can be custom made (with a minimum MOQ of 50). We do sell wholesale to businesses as well with a discounted wholesale price based on MOQ. All enquiries email Katiejacksonpark@pooltree.com.

The pool tree is one of a kind and is Patency Protected and trademarked throughout the world.