Buy the pool tree in Dubai!

The Pool Tree is now available to purchase in the UAE exclusively through our partners Mak Pools and Gardens, part of the Silverfox Group. Please head to to order locally now!


"It’s the best purchase I’ve made and the only thing I bought online that hubby actually loves!”

“It sure looks much cleaner and tidier! Happy decision!”

“It is the best thing I have bought for the pool area honestly!”

“My kids just used the floor and I think my neighbour was sick of me yelling! Problem is now solved!”


Stops the bad habit of hanging towels and swimwear on the Pool Fence. Now you have the perfect view of your beautiful pool.

Increases safety with a clear line of sight into the pool area at all times.

No more picking up towels, swimwear and rashies dumped everywhere (and nagging everyone!)

The Pool Tree is your new home for swim items to dry properly keeping your house and yard tidy and organised.

Relax, We've got this!

Pool Safety

No more towels and swimwear hanging on fences creates a clearer view of the pool

Summer Style

Pool Tree is designed to fit in
perfectly with any outdoor area

Stress Free

No more nagging! Finally, towels
and swimwear have a home

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Pool Tree

Pool Tree Gift Card

Pool Tree Gift Card

Spasa member

The Pool Tree meets the industry standards of skill, workmanship and ethical business behaviour in the best interests of pool and spa owners.

For our Warranty and Product Care Guide please click on FAQ's at the top of this page (PC) and/or click the yellow menu bar (smart phone).

Shipping note: the Pool Tree comes in two boxes so it gets delivered safely to you! We dispatch them together but sometimes depending on the shipping company and your address they get delivered within a couple of days of each other. Shipping is through a third party and once the Pool Tree leaves our warehouse it is in the hands of the logistics company and seperate from the Pool Tree. For any shipping issues and liability please contact the logistics company with your tracking number that is emailed to you after ordering.

Product note: The leaf weight bearing maximum is 5 KG at the section where the leaf joins with the tree. Going towards the tip of the leaf, it will be slightly less. When you hang towels and swimwear etc on the tree please do not hang them just on on the tip but spread it out from the base of the leaf at the stem joinery point to the tip. This will keep your tree safe and spread items out for faster drying time!

Accidental breakages from misuse will not be covered by the factory warranty.